Bringing Democracy to Japan

Hiroshima. August 6, 1945.

To be blunt, America's democracy is not an exportable commodity; it is unique to the United States and the product of 800 years of heroes and villains, war and civil war, racial strife and racial reconciliation, and foolishness and common sense. As the Founders knew, it is grounded in Britain's political experience, Scottish commonsense philosophy, British common law, Calvinist Protestant Christianity, and the absolute requirement of an educated populace to evaluate – and when necessary check – the policies, ambitions, and greed of elected officials. Parenthetically, the failure of Americans to rise up to scorn and terminate the Bush administration's (Democrat-supported) plans to install American-style democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq suggests the country may be wanting in the Founders' educated-populace category.
From "Is There a Role for Reality in US Foreign Policy?" by Michael Scheuer at Antiwar.com.

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