Down, Down, Down, In that Burning Ring of Fire . . .

(This series about my life on the street and in a shelter, because of an alcoholism/drug addiction relapse begins here . . .)

After a one hour class at the shelter, every day I make my way downtown and stop at the library computer center to check email, communicate with friends, and (sometimes) post.

Directly across the street is a network TV station studio, with a trailer marquee above the plate glass window.

This morning, one of the headlines says that "SAT Records Biggest Score Drop in 31 Years". Hmmmmmmmmmm, 31 Years? Wasn't there a stupid, nasty, immoral war going on then, too? Of course, maybe there's no correlation there - maybe we're just finally seeing the effects of half a century of systematic dismantling of our education system. The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang and its successors (The Hillary-Feinstein Gang or whatever), depends on an undereducated, TV reality-show addicted, sex-crazed, brain-damaged population to stay its course.

By the way . . . searching for some workable democracy? Every day, for the past three weeks, I've been living out of a homeless shelter, in the company of around 75 men who constantly help me, guide me, educate me, and treat me with the same dignity with which I treat them. We are all at the mercy of others who devote time, money, and spirit to our survival. None of these folks work for the "government".

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