OpEd News clips, from "Why there probably won't be any 2006 mid terms":

This may be the most important Op-Ed I ever write in terms of the premise, the context, and the potential value to the reader, should all of this go where I've been predicting it will for almost three years.

I'm therefor going to begin here by telling you how to tell whether a report on a "foiled terror plot" is real, or disinformation designed to create and maintain mass paranoia for political gain, and you can decide for yourself. When I've explained how you can know the difference, I'll go on with my actual analysis of the period we're in.

Rule #1 for interrupting criminal/terrorist conspiracy rings: If your investigation is fortunate enough to identify members of said criminal terrorist/conspiracy, and you need to make arrests because (a), you have enough evidence to convict, and (b) waiting any longer would place the public at risk, KEEP ANY ARRESTS OF SUSPECTS SILENT:


Notify or speak with the media or speak to reporters.

DO: Make any necessary arrests as quietly as possible, file sealed indictments, and make certain your terrorist suspect is isolated and prevented from sending any word or signal to others still at large.

Now then, regarding the alleged plot to blow up 9 airliners using liquid explosives, what did you just see, and when.

You saw the following: You saw an internationally publicized ANNOUNCEMENT that violates every single principle of investigative and procedural rules for securing follow up arrests.

August 11, 2006, via Yahoo News:
Chertoff: Not certain all plotters found

By LARRY MARGASAK, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 8 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - The well-advanced plot to blow up airliners flying from Britain to the United States had the markings of al-Qaida, and it's not yet certain that authorities have found everyone involved, the
Homeland Security secretary says.....................................[go here]
OK, so you still can't bring yourself to be a ("aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhh") conspiracy theorist. You really can't buy that Lebanon, the UMontana Three (or is it "Eleven" or . . . ), and the Airborne Liquid Gel Mishegass are a woven psych op? What the fuck is the matter with you? What will it take?

I've got a suggestion . . . how about you start privately acknowledging that what us "fringe lunatic" types are telling is real and really ominous? Don't tell anyone else . . . yet. But start preparing yourself. Because you're gonna hafta, like, live through it.

A false flag event, which I and others have been predicting for years, is extremely likely.

As Radar would say . . . "wait for it".

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