Smacking the Monkey Back

Thanks to blogScream, I've discovered harp and sword, written by Minstrel Boy in Arizona.

I like this cat's politics.

What I like even more, however, is that he's trying to beat a smack addiction, and is blogging about it.

Those who've been regulars here know that I'm an addict, too . . . and I've struggled with the same stuff he's going through. I've not had the courage to blog in such detail about detoxing and being in early recovery, but this guy does.

Visit him. Support him. Or I'll send Vinnie and Guido around to straighten you the fuck out, ovah dere.


When I posted this, I hadn't yet read through his "Detox Blues" series. I thought this shit was happening as we speak, but apparently he's been at sobriety for thirteen years. Good on'im, I say.

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