Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Yesterday, I posted about the destruction of education in the country. My father was a school teacher in the 40s and 50s. He found himself often in opposition to school boards because he insisted that hs students be educated, rather than trained. He once defined the difference for me:
"Education is the acceptance of knowledge which allows us to think for our selves. Training is the deliverance of instruction so we won't have to thnk at all."
I give you this story from today's NYT:
Students’ Paths to Small Colleges Can Bypass SAT

Published: August 31, 2006

It is still far too early to sound the death knell, but for many small liberal arts colleges, the SAT may have outlived its usefulness.

Since Bowdoin and Bates dropped their testing requirements decades ago, more than a fourth of U.S. News & World Report’s Top 100 liberal arts colleges have made admissions exams optional, and new ones are joining the list at a quickening pace.

The new colleges include Mount Holyoke, Middlebury, Hamilton, Union and Dickinson. In recent months, George Mason, Providence College and Hobart and William Smith Colleges have also become test-optional.

Admissions officers said eliminating the testing requirement had increased both the size and diversity of their applicant pools, and bolstered their reputation as places personal enough to consider each applicant individually.

At the same time, the revamped, longer SAT, the drop in average scores announced Tuesday and recent problems with scoring have created growing disenchantment. College officials also say that tests — whether the SAT, or in the Midwest, the ACT — are not the best predictors of performance . . .
If you don't sense what dangerous bullshit this is, you've been victimized. We are committing intellectual suicide. We are saying, "these kids ain't smart 'nuff after twelve years of school to pass a standard test, so there must be a problem with the test." It's like saying, "nobody can pass a driving test, so we'll just eliminate it and give everyone a license, whether they can drive or not."

Sick fucks.

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