Talk about Grace . . . oh, my!

(This series about my life on the street and in a shelter, because of an alcoholism/drug addiction relapse begins here . . .)

Yesterday, I was "admitted" to Off the Street (OTS) I, bypassing the waiting list. I was amazed!


* no more van
* same bed (no bunk-bed) every night
* more meetings (in-house at HP)
* increased opportunities to make friends
* lighter pack, because I can leave clothes and other stuff at HP


* an awful lot of walking from HP to shelter (for classes) and back to HP. It's a tiresome 40 minute "trudge" with difficult hills. This morning was warm and soggy, the walking hard. But I'm getting stronger
* some hard work, with "cleanup" detail at HP in the a.m. and another task in the evening

Changes in itinerary:

* leave HP at 8 am
* walk to ilmington St shelter for 9-10 am class
* 10 am-12:30 pm computer center, soup kitchen (same as last week)
* 12:30 walk back to shelter for 1-2 pm class
* 3 pm walk back to HP
* 4 pm - at HP shelter: meeting/class, supper, detail, etc.

Deb: there's a bit of a bureaucratic process getting approval for y Friday sessions with you. I think it'll work out, but I'm wondering whether you have any 11 am to noon slots in your schedule (it would take me 45 minutes to walk to/from TFS.

My losses from this last relapse:

* spent perhaps $600-$800 - now indigent until Unemployment is paid
* lost a comparatively comfortable and secure place to live
* the flow of my healing/recovery process
* my laptop and accessories (including important data on flash drive and CDs
* 5 months sobriety
* cell phone
* library book
* ability to attend outside AA meetings

Anyone have any suggestions about other things I lost?

I won't email in afternoon because I have to walk up to HP from 3 to 4 pm

Thank you all and of course . . .
Be at peace

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