Why P! is Not Blogging Lebanon

  • Because everyone else is

  • Because all war is an aberration, a tragedy, and a crime against humanity

  • Because the attack on Lebanon is just another piece of the West's master plan to destroy the Islamic peoples - and I've blogged that endlessly already. I mean, what did you expect?

  • Because I just can't bear to catalogue the atrocities

  • Because I'd rather challenge the incredible cowardice of those of us, comfortable in our decadent Americanism, who are unable to do what we must do to stop this shit. Who among us is willing to stop whining and put our lives on the line for the innocent peoples who are being slaughtered?

  • Because "[we] know something is happening here, but [we] don't know what it is, do [we], Mister Jones?"

  • Because Mexicans, Ukranians, Bolivians, Venezuelans, and other courageous peoples can put it on the line, but we can't

Sleep well tonight. I won't.

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