Getting What They Prayed For

Since I've been blogging, one of my main points is that The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang doesn't want victory in its "war on terra". They believe that their goals are best served by having a world full of boogie men whose intent is the destruction of western "democracy" and the countries that implement it. Having these "terrorists" around gives them the excuse to restrict our freedoms and rights, while bankrupting the US economy and, therefore, our government.

It's true that there probably are radical Islamists who'd like nothing better than the demise of our corrupt post-capitalist system. But so far, there are alot fewer of these folks than the Gang says there are, even though the sentiment is being extended beyond the Middle East and Western Asia. For example, I see little difference between Hugo Chavez calling Bush a devil and Iran's Khomeini calling the US "The Great Satan" in the 70's. We can crow all we want about "winning the Cold War", but the fact is that there is a rise in state socialism and leftist insurgencies throughout Central and South America.

But back to my main point. As I've written so many times, The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang is significantly more guilty of trying to destroy the US than is the Islamist world. Mostly, the latter just want us the fuck out of their countries. On the other hand, The Gang and its neocon core are doing just fine turning the US from a pseudo-democracy into fascist state where the government and meta-corporations are indistinguishable.

Remember that the essence of globalization is the elimination of national boundaries so that "free trade" may flourish everywhere and all indigenous peoples can be fully exploited. So, The Gang needs and loves chaos and perpetuates it with doubletalk and conflicting policies, such as waging wars and at the same time refusing to devote either the man- or fire-power necessary to winning them. Once again, I will say that The Gang isn't stupid . . . they're getting what they prayed for: global political and economic destabilization.

The US military and intelligence communities are finally getting the picture of what these thugs are really about, but The Gang just keeps ignoring and/or disputing the evidence that things are very wrong.

For example, this short article from yesterday's Madsen Report, in full I dont think Wayne'll mind:
Sep. 25, 2006 -- WMR has been told by oil industry insiders that there has been a conscious plan by Big Oil to destabilize small countries and territories where space-based imagery has discovered large oil and natural gas reserves in surrounding waters or within their borders. This has manifested itself in a bloody army rebellion in East Timor, which sits on large reserves in the Timor Sea; the small Pacific island territory of Pitcairn, where members of the island government who are direct descendants of the HMS Bounty mutineers were charged with and convicted by Britain for pedophilia and incest and ordered to prison after what amounted to be a show trial; and Darfur, Sudan, where premeditated genocide is depopulating the province.
Another case in point is 2004 piece by the Centre for Research on Globalisation's Michel Chossudovsky, "US Sponsored Coup d'Etat: The Destabilization of Haiti" . . .
The armed insurrection which contributed to unseating President Aristide on February 29th 2004 was the result of a carefully staged military-intelligence operation.

The Rebel paramilitary army crossed the border from the Dominican Republic in early February. It constitutes a well armed, trained and equipped paramilitary unit integrated by former members of Le Front pour l'avancement et le progrès d'Haiti (FRAPH), the "plain clothes" death squadrons, involved in mass killings of civilians and political assassinations during the CIA sponsored 1991 military coup, which led to the overthrow of the democratically elected government of President Jean Bertrand Aristide

The self-proclaimed Front pour la Libération et la reconstruction nationale (FLRN) (National Liberation and Reconstruction Front) is led by Guy Philippe, a former member of the Haitian Armed Forces and Police Chief. Philippe had been trained during the 1991 coup years by US Special Forces in Ecuador, together with a dozen other Haitian Army officers. (See Juan Gonzalez, New York Daily News, 24 February 2004) . . .

During the military government (1991-1994), FRAPH was (unofficially) under the jurisdiction of the Armed Forces, taking orders from Commander in Chief General Raoul Cedras. According to a 1996 UN Human Rights Commission report, FRAPH had been supported by the CIA.

Under the military dictatorship, the narcotics trade, was protected by the military Junta, which in turn was supported by the CIA. The 1991 coup leaders including the FRAPH paramilitary commanders were on the CIA payroll. (See Paul DeRienzo, http://globalresearch.ca/articles/RIE402A.html , See also see Jim Lobe, IPS, 11 Oct 1996). Emmanuel Constant alias "Toto" confirmed, in this regard, in a CBS "60 Minutes" in 1995, that the CIA paid him about $700 a month and that he created FRAPH, while on the CIA payroll. (See Miami Herald, 1 August 2001). According to Constant, the FRAPH had been formed "with encouragement and financial backing from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency and the CIA." (Miami New Times, 26 February 2004) . . .

The IMF and the World Bank are key players in the process of economic and political destabilization. While carried out under the auspices of an intergovernmental body, the IMF reforms tend to support US strategic and foreign policy objectives.

Based on the so-called "Washington consensus", IMF austerity and restructuring measures through their devastating impacts, often contribute to triggering social and ethnic strife. IMF reforms have often precipitated the downfall of elected governments. In extreme cases of economic and social dislocation, the IMF's bitter economic medicine has contributed to the destabilization of entire countries, as occurred in Somalia, Rwanda and Yugoslavia. (See Michel Chossudovsky, The globalization of Poverty and the New World Order, Second Edition, 2003, http://globalresearch.ca/globaloutlook/GofP.html )

The IMF program is a consistent instrument of economic dislocation. The IMF's reforms contribute to reshaping and downsizing State institutions through drastic austerity measures. The latter are implemented alongside other forms of intervention and political interference, including CIA covert activities in support of rebel paramilitary groups and opposition political parties.

Moreover, so-called "Emergency Recovery" and "Post-conflict" reforms are often introduced under IMF guidance, in the wake of a civil war, a regime change or "a national emergency".

In Haiti, the IMF sponsored "free market" reforms have been carried out consistently since the Duvalier era. They have been applied in several stages since the first election of president Aristide in 1990.

The 1991 military coup, which took place 8 months following Jean Bertrand Aristide's accession to the presidency, was in part intended to reverse the Aristide government's progressive reforms and reinstate the neoliberal policy agenda of the Duvalier era . . .
March, march, march. Destroy, destroy, destroy. But Pitcairn Island??? Sheesh!!

While we're here . . . a great read (great mostly because it's what I've been writing for the last four years):

"Reflections on Our Inner Bush: Corporate Monkeys In Our National House Of Mirrors" by Phil Rockstroh for Dissident Voice.

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