The Death of Iraq and the Ouster of The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang

First, from The New York Sun today:
"Baker's Panel Rules Out Iraq Victory" by ELI LAKE - Staff Reporter of the Sun
October 12, 2006

WASHINGTON — A commission formed to assess the Iraq war and recommend a new course has ruled out the prospect of victory for America, according to draft policy options shared with The New York Sun by commission officials.

Currently, the 10-member commission — headed by a secretary of state for President George H.W. Bush, James Baker — is considering two option papers, "Stability First" and "Redeploy and Contain," both of which rule out any prospect of making Iraq a stable democracy in the near term.

More telling, however, is the ruling out of two options last month. One advocated minor fixes to the current war plan but kept intact the long-term vision of democracy in Iraq with regular elections. The second proposed that coalition forces focus their attacks only on Al Qaeda and not the wider insurgency.

Instead, the commission is headed toward presenting President Bush with two clear policy choices that contradict his rhetoric of establishing democracy in Iraq. The more palatable of the two choices for the White House, "Stability First," argues that the military should focus on stabilizing Baghdad while the American Embassy should work toward political accommodation with insurgents. The goal of nurturing a democracy in Iraq is dropped . . .
David Icke is next:
The discussion within the U.S. foreign policy establishment on the future of Iraq has come to a conclusion. The U.S. will, now officially, work to dissolve the Iraqi nation and state into three independend statelets under a powerless sham national government and, of course, total U.S. control.

The current version of the idea was first floated back in May by Senator Biden and Leslie Gelb, both Democrats, in a NYT oped.

The Baker Iraq Study Group, set up to look at new policy options in Iraq, leaked its coming results, i.e. the implementation of the Biden/Gelb plan, to Murdoch's London Times:

His group will not advise "partition", but is believed to favour a division of the country that will devolve power and security to the regions, leaving a skeletal national government in Baghdad in charge of foreign affairs, border protection and the distribution of oil revenue.

A few days ago, Middle East expert Col. Pat Lang has called this inevitable:

Iraq is going to be partitioned. This may be either de facto or de jure but it will be partitioned. The process of disintegration launched by the United States in eliminating the mechanisms of state integrity has progressed so far that effective dissolution of the old Iraq is inevitable. The recent frustrated desperation evident in the statements of the US command in Baghdad, and the ridiculous futility of Dr. Rice's latest trip are unmistakable signs of disintegration. Indeed, the partition is now underway . . .
I absolutely love this one, from OpeEd News:
Kim Jong Il Causes Regime Change in America by Karen Fish.

Like David against Goliath, like Rocky Balboa against Ivan Drago, it appears that little Kim Jong Il has dealt the knockout punch to the Republican congress. The announcement from Pyongyang that North Korea was now part of the mile high club seems to be the straw that will break the GOP camel's back in November. Kim saw that he could not rely on Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi or Barbara Boxer or Harry Reid to capitalize on Bush's blunders and so he took matters into his own hands. He went one on one with Karl Rove. It's like George Costanza dressed as Napoleon in a mud wrestling contest with Mini Me, winner take Asia . . .

To put it bluntly North Korea is starving to death. Their county of 23 million people recently went through terrible flooding. Starvation is always an excellent motivation for the starving tribe to attack the neighbor tribe for their land. North Korea has a 1 million man army and nuclear weapons. South Korea and Japan are two of the most prosperous countries in the world. The reason that Kim is making the US the bad guy when they don't even seem to be anywhere near or in the conflict is because the Americans have troops in South Korea and in Japan armed to the teeth with 100 megaton nuclear bombs. The firecrackers set off by North Korea this week were less than 25 kilotons. The Long Range missile fired by North Korea a month ago wouldn't have made it out of Shea Stadium. In other words Kim is holding two seven off suit pre flop and he's betting like he has pocket rockets. Kim is hoping to flop a pair of sevens and a deuce and here is how he can come from the back of the back like Seattle Slew.

The Persian Gulf has two thirds of the world's black gold. Shiite President Ahmidinejad of Iran is now forming an alliance with the Shiite government of Nouri al-Maliki of Iraq. All they need to conquer the Middle East oil fields and then the world for Allah is nuclear bombs and their arms dealer is Kim Jong-il who in return for a nuclear arsenal is going to receive 20% of the Arabian Peninsula's oil revenues for the next 50 years. Kim drives a hard bargain, like Nick Lachey. In the meantime Japan, America's best friend which bombed Pearl Harbor is now going to impose sanctions on Kim. They are going to stop importing Korean clams and shiitake mushrooms. Like Kim cares. He's now exporting kim chee to Venezuela and Iran. If the LPGA delegation on its way to Pyongyang tonight fails in its diplomatic mission to bring calm to the Korean Peninsula then Tatoo may soon be standing outside the White House screaming, "Boss the plane, the plane." Welcome to Fantasy Island. Kim is about to become Jethro Bodine . . .
My only comment on this is, "so much for Henry Kissinger's smart-ass 'linkage' strategy - again".

Finally, another one from OpEd:
Bush loses control of policy, Iraq, and America's soul by Len Hart:

That Bush now wants to send more troops to Iraq means that he has lost control of policy and lost control of Iraq. Never mind that the war is already lost; at least three Civil Wars already rage; the "insurgents" are not "insurgents" but a guerrilla war against the illegal US occupation of Iraq. But we were told that we would be greeted as liberators. Not so!

Former Secretary of State Jim Baker says pulling out now will create more chaos! There is chaos now! Repeating the failed strategy, staying the course that is no course will but create more chaos at greater cost in both American and Iraqi lives. Iraq, meanwhile, has bankrupted America -yet Bush continues to spend like a drunken sailor. Baker doesn't talk about that. Baker's offensive is nothing new; it's just the tired GOP strategy: repeat the lie often and loud and it will be believed. Cicero warned long ago that the "...mere act of believing that some wrongful course of action constitutes an advantage is pernicious."

One is reminded of Winston Churchill who wrote that the statesman "...who yields to war fever...is no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events." At last, what does "staying the course" and "getting the job done" mean? There is, in fact, no course to stay but mere "war fever" itself. Bush, moreover, has never defined what is meant by winning. Some 650,000 Iraqis are now dead as a result of the US invasion and the wave of civil war that spewed up in its wake. I believe that figure to be even higher than US civil war dead! Now Bush wants to send more troops to Iraq to achieve a "goal" that he cannot even articulate. Bush wants to aggravate an utterly failed strategy by repeating it. Bush wants to raise the stakes on a losing bet -and dares to call himself a "Texan"! Bush has made of us all mere slaves to uncontrollable events . . .
Hey, George! Good news and bad news! The good news is "Mission Accomplished!" - the mission being the destruction of Iraq. The bad news is that you lost and you're gone. With two years left in your term, you're not a Lame Duck . . . you're a Dead Duck. Good riddance.

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