No Mud Zone: On Compassion and Hypocrisy

Last week, here and here, I posted some thoughts about, well . . . the Dark Side, I guess - both mine and all of ours.

The Foley Scandal, which I prefer to call the "Hastert/Boehner Scandal", was just breaking and has developed into a classic coverup tragic-comedy.

And I do mean classic, because it looks like a text-book case of a sick family enabling a sick addict in its midst in order to hide the "nasty" reality from the outside world (and itself). By the way, I said "sick". Not evil. I've no tolerance left for the popular connotation of "sick" as "bad". It's a wholly self-righteous attitude, staining those that have it in greater degree than it does the afflicted.

Do I condone Foley's behavior? Do I advocate that he not be held responsible because he apparently has several potentially fatal addictions? Not on your life - or mine. As I said recently, I've battled exactly what Foley is now fighting, and I'm totally responsible/accountable for my own behavior. My heart goes out to the guy. I'm glad he's gone into treatment and I hope he sticks and stays. He's got a tough road ahead of him and I hope he travels it more successfully than I have.

I also hope for two more things:

First, maybe this whole thing will continue to raise the collective consciousness about the pervasiveness of addiction, and especially sex addiction, and its connection with power and patriarchy. Looks like the pedophile priest "scandal" gave us a peek, but hasn't even put a dent in our denial. (By the way, a day or two ago I saw on one of my favorite blogs side-by-side photos of Bernie and Dennis that were perfectly matched. The effect was incredible. This morning, I couldn't find the post; whoever that was . . . thank you, well done, many props.)

Second, and most fervently, I hope that my friends on the Left who have morphed into sharks and are fin-deep in the feeding frenzy for political gain and nothing else suddenly grow the hell up. You are sicker than your targets, folks. You wouldn't know the high road even if the tarmac was sticking to your face. Don't do this. Because what goes around truly does come around.

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