Somethings New, Some Things Old

I've made some changes and added some thingies on my side bar that you might wanna know about:

  1. There's a P! Banger badge that you're welcome to rip. There's also code near the bottom of the sidebar that will place the badge and a link on your site. As soon as there are some reciprocal links using the badge, I'll start and "official" P! Banger section.
  2. I put about a third of my syndication, ranking, and indexing site badges and buttons at the top of the page. The rest of them are where they've always been - just above the Fair Use/Creative Commons section. I've also added several new link badges in both places. Please vote for P! at BlogHops and BlogTopList. I've tried to put a Technorati link and an Anti-War Web Ring link on my sidebar, but neither of them works. You're welcome to look at the code and tell me why. I've also added a del.icio.us link, but I have no idea how to use tags, etc. to drive traffic (I'm confused by the instructions).

  3. I've removed some dead links from my Resources and Recommendations list. If I've missed any, please let me know. I've also added some new links to both this section and in my Featured list, most notably Jason Miller's Tom Paine's Corner, Shelter from the Storm, a site/blog about expatriation, SEE NO EVIL: The Blinding of America, a blog about spiritualism and politics, The Human Race and Other Sports, LWilliamLosapio, and Oxfam America.

  4. I've added an Addiction and Recovery section. You can read about why at this post.

  5. I've added Information Clearing House and Digg news feeds down in the News section

  6. Finally, I put my no-spam email address up

Sometime in the next coupla days P! will have 11,000 hits. Budayabudayabudaya thu-that's all, folks.

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