US 0 - Iraq 0. It's Over. No Winners, Only Losers.

I really don't think the real history of the United States warrants our claim that in the past we have stood for freedom and democracy. But a lot of folks, both here and abroad, have swallowed the PR. The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang's invasion and destruction of Iraq has destroyed that image. And an image is all it was.

The neocons wanted three things out of the invasion: control of Iraq's oil; destruction of Iraq's infrastructure, economy, and society; and the creation of a free-market/freetrade, no holds barred laboratory. They got one of the three. The country has devolved into a chaotic killing field, a civil war, with the peoples fleeing and the society imploding. The US military is emasculated, hunkered down, waiting for "withdrawal and redeployment."

The war in Iraq is not over. But the US war against Iraq is. Thousands killed, more wounded, still more with their hearts and souls destroyed. Now it's Shi'ites against Sunnis against Christians against private military enterprises and "security forces" against Al Qaida against peace and decency and sense. Never has the phrase "Holy Shit" been so perfect. "Crimes Against Humanity" doesn't even come close to describing what has happened. If there is History after this, may this era be described as "Hell on Earth." The American people must take full responsibility for this, just as the German people had to accept responsibility and attone for the Nazis and the Holocaust.

It defies all logic that either our military or our corporations should stay there. But whichever political party "wins" the mid-term elections next month, the folly and inhumanity will continue. Why? Because we allow it. Because we allow it. Because we allow it.

We can delude ourselves and blame Bush and be convinced the Democratic Party will change things. And we can take our laptops to the nearest Starbucks and play the bull market and watch Jennifer Anniston and Oprah Winfrey and Law and Order and kick-boxing and, as a people, keep commiting crimes against not only humanity, but against the whole planet and its very existance. We can in America concentrate on gay marriage, pedophilia, bread and circus "elections", Windows Vista, the NCLS and the World Series, and tatoos and piercings.

To tell you the truth, if this is who we are, I hope there's a cot reserved for me at The Halliburton/KBR Hotel. I want no part of this evil. I'm a peace-loving, compassionate man. There's a song sung by my old friend Chris Smither, that goes:
Looked down the road,
Fur's my eyes could see,
Hey, hey, hey,
Fur's my eyes could see.
Didn't see nothin'
Looked like mine to me.Let's get real. We did not win WWI. We did not win WWII. We have not won, nor will we win, The Korean War. We got our asses royally kicked in Viet Nam. We have not won in Afghanistan. We have not won in Iraq. We will not win in Iran. We will not win in Venezuela. We will not win against Al Qaida, Hamas, not Hezbollah. Unless we as a country and as a people change ontologically, we will only be losers and create losers.

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Three years ago, in October, 2003, in my old blog ddjangoWIrE, I published an essay entitled "In Search of a Nation's Soul". I've stopped looking.

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