The Real War and the Great Diversion, Part 5

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  • as capitalism moves into its final phase, of dialectical necessity it has begun to create its own destruction and the forces of that destruction

  • as the US hypocritically plays both its non-proliferation and expansionist cards, the balance of cold-war mutually assured destruction (MAD) has evolved into globally assured destruction (GAD)

  • the industrial revolution, heralded in the past 100+ years as a boon to mankind, has resulted in the rapid depletion of resources, while generating population growth and fierce competition for disappearing resources

  • what has been identified as "World War I" and "World War II" can now be seen as two chapters in "The Great World War", as boundaries and alliances are redrawn

So where are the solutions? They must be found at the popular level, in movements of cooperation; politics with a spiritual base; reduction in energy-inefficient economies; development of sustainable, democratic, and intentional communities; sacrifice for the common good; and meta-knowledge.

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Lazy today:

Breaking: Rove indicted?

Democrats: "We suck!"

I knew about Ft Meade 30 years ago. Where have you been?

Carlyle? Carlyle, of course.

Win? Of course not.


Some lessons for the US "Left".

Haven't been here in a year. (Careful) -Heh, warned yuh!

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The Real War and The Great Diversion, Part 4

Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

I am fully aware that, in the first three parts of this piece, I have painted a very bleak picture. I don't think I'm a crackpot, although I can understand that more optimistic minds might conclude that I am.

I also realize that the structure of this piece could be more organized and thorough. My writing could use some improvement, and I'm working on that. In the final three installments, I'll attempt to summarize, briefly, what I've said so far, expand my arguments in other ways, and offer what I believe are some potentially effective solutions.

My main purpose in writing this piece is to argue (1) that the continued involvement by the Left in the US, especially the "progressive wing of the Democratic Party" is a total waste of time and will not contribute to a meaningful solution; (2) that The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang's regime is certainly problematic, but not the problem; and (3) that although the short-term outlook may not be as apocalyptic and immediate as I think, I am certain that the overall situation, both domestically and globally, is much worse than described by even the best and the brightest in the political spectrum from progressive democrats through radical socialists/Marxists/anarchists and libertarians.

I propose that both the solutions and strategies offered by 99% of the Left is presently insufficient to accomplish anything more than small, incremental pressures against the ruling class and its financiers. Even the farthest Left, to a decisive degree, are caught up in, or at least disabled by, The Great Diversion.

The paradigm shift required to effect the changes necessary to avoid something like an apocalypse must be radically more dynamic and far reaching than most anything I've seen put forward so far. Short of that shift, I believe that the human race and the biosphere will look something like the settings and societies portrayed in Blade Runner, Road Warrior, and The Terminator combined, or worse.

Let me summarize my reasons for believing this . . .

In the United States:

  • the federal government, all three branches, is a wholly owned subsidiary of globalist financiers. At best, they will use The Great Diversion in 2008 to fund and "elect" an administration which is even more dangerous than The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang, but is more competent in telling the right lies and is cosmetically more attractive. A Harrison Ford-Olympia Snow ticket might work. The only other alternative is a false-flag Reichstag event.

  • the economy, built on debt, is in grave danger. Without fundamental changes, there will be a major collapse in early 2009. It will make The Great Depression look like a minor head cold.

  • The Great Diversion, which might also just be called "Americanism", pervades 95% of all American society. Its main characteristics include terminal narcissism, the religion of Materialism, addiction to entertainment, ignorance born of jingoism, a national inability to think conceptually, magic thinking, refusal to accept personal responsibility and make meaningful sacrifices for the common good, and massive, unremitting denial.

In the next installment, I'll summarize the global situation, and draw final conclusions.

. . . to be continued . . .

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The Real War and The Great Diversion, Part 3

Read Part 1 and Part 2

It may indeed seem that, in the first two installments of this series, I've painted an "apocalypse tomorrow" picture. I hope, because I don't want to die in a nuclear holocaust or survive to become another cockroach in the "broken rabble", that I'm full of shit. It's just that I do not see a force on this planet that can counter, then overcome, the global power, velocity, and momentum of the evil, destructive monsters driving late stage capitalism. It is a black snowball that started small late in the 19th century at the top of a mountain fifty times higher than Mt Everest and has been rolling down on us, without much impedence to speak of, ever since. Now it's about fifty yards above us and is the size of the our planet itself. Even if the tragic scenario I have outlined doesn't happen exactly, the chances of one or more very large scale "oh, shit" events in the near future are highly likely. With that in mind, let me continue apace . . .

The days of Tip O'Neill and "all politics are local" are deader and more deeply buried than the Titanic. The Reagan Revolution wiped out all but the last vestiges of "old liberalism", then only hanging on by a thread by the end of the transitional presidency of Billy Carter. Incumbent liberals who weren't shredded by Ronnie's razor-wired coattails surrendered (Bill Bradley and Pat Schroeder, for example) or converted (Joe Lieberman). Pretty much everybody (except Kennedy, who was too drunk in those days to know what was going on, and Byrd, who will probably trash Thurmond's record for "longest sitting southern-fried senator" - mostly because he learned how to "sip" Jack Daniels rather than chug Scotch) bailed out and the word "liberal" somehow lost two letters, then morphed into "neoliberal", then threw on a "progressive" sweatshirt.

The truth is that all politics are not only not local . . . they're not even national. American politics is a sideshow, just a part of The Great Diversion . . .

The people (and they are just that - just people) who are the wealthiest and most powerful on the planet and who ultimately hold the purse strings of the global macroeconomy, number in the vicinity of just under ten thousand, give or take. Their not quite so rich, but still mighty powerful, henchmen number maybe a million. Most of them are not adverse to war, even (or especially) on a global scale. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers played both sides in both World Wars. They funded the creation of Israel, but make sure that all the toys of war are available to everyone. Although not all of these "supreme beings" are supporters of the globalist New World Order, the great majority are. For example, the connection between the Rockefellers and the Bushes can be traced easily and directly back to Doubleduh's great-grandfather, Samuel P. Bush. A more recent embodiment of the Bush family's involvement in international finance and war mongering is exemplified in George HW Bush's affiliation (not to mention Doubleduh hisself) with the Carlyle Group. Other affilates of Carlyle include or have included Colin Powell, George Soros (who pledged mucho dinero to the Dems in '04 and probably since then), John Snow, Frank Carlucci, Madeleine Albright's daughter, members of the bin Laden family, and several Clinton Administration higher-ups. The fact that Bill Clinton and GHW Bush are chummy and have joined forces to lead "humanitarian" projects should not be surprising, but should be highly suspect.

The United States' citizenry, as such, is in deep doo-doo. Our debt is astronomical and the country is less and less owned by Americans. This has been coming, sometimes quickly, sometimes not so, at least since the end of WWII, if not for over a century. Our most valuable assets remaining in 2006, as far as the financiers are concerned, are our military might, our fear, and our stupidity. Pretty much everything else has been either sold outright or mortgaged to the hilt. We will end up forfeiting most of the mortgages.

The Great Diversion has been gaining steam since WWII:

  • Children are no longer educated - they are trained. My school teacher father saw this in the '50's. It made him seriously depressed and otherwise seriously ill. He died in 1960 of a broken heart. With individual exceptions, the amount of parental involvement in their children's education has sunk to a shameful low. The rise of "christian" faith-based schools is scary (I graduated from Boston College High School - Catholic/Jesuit. It had its bias, but the concentration was on academics and sports). Public schools are underfunded; federal support will continue to dwindle (there's a war on, y'know) and local citizens don't want their taxes raised (yuh get whut yuh pay for, Billy Bob). It'll get worse.

  • Forget the mainstream media. It's sunk to a propaganda machine/strip mall. It is the heart (and soul) of The Great Diversion. Note very well Hillary Clinton's public kissing of Rupert Murdoch's ass. MSM news doesn't report 90% of what's really going on; the other 10% is spin and outright lies. Hollow-wood makes its billions selling violence, sex (including porn), and fantasy.

  • The labor movement, in large part crippled by the Mafia and general corruption in the fifties and sixties, was ripe for the kill when Ronnie came along. The "every man for himself" and "get the lazy poor off welfare" mantras were a death knell. The head-shots was the PATCO farce and the Clinton social policies. The existing unions that still managed to survive are part of The Great Diversion. They have little if any power against the fascist monster, unable to protect worker security, safety, health, welfare, and retirement. The AFL-CIO? Fuggedaboudit. I really don't know how I feel about Mexican immigration, but I do know that it will further weaken the status of labor. What's gonna happen to all these folks when the housing/construction market tanks?

  • Left completely to "free-market" forces, the health care industry has abandoned the poor and the old to concentrate on The Great Diversion by concentrating on expensive high-end technologies and pharmaceuticals. The new miracles are accessible only to the upper-middle classes and above.

  • The New Deal is dead. Johnson's Great Society never was. Over the next few years, we will see the cornerstone of The Great Diversion - The American Middle class - begin to erode. The buy-off mechanisms - cheap gas, high wages in new technologies, fortunes made in stocks through market funds, and cheap credit (including mortgages and car loans) - cannot be sustained. A major bete noir that drove Roosevelt to the brink of socialism was the menacing spectre of communism. It won't happen again. As I noted earlier, all the boiled frogs in the middle class will take a long time to realize they've been scammed by The Great Diversion. By that time, the security state now being built will be ready for the forces of rebellion. Be ready for 1984 meets The Gulag on crack. And don't be surprised when the Men behind the Man Behind the Curtain show their ugly faces.

. . . to be continued . . .

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The Real War and The Great Diversion, Part 2

Read Part 1

Let's start this segment with excerpts from "Blood Pact: American Hegemony and the True Bush 'Base'" at Empire Burlesque:

. . . it is instructive to step back from the barricades now and again, to remind ourselves of the hard ground of reality so often obscured by the blood-red mist of emotion clouding our eyes. The chief reality, of course, is that the invasion and occupation of Iraq is primarily about oil and the preservation of the American way of life. It is based on the premise that the latter is a question of supreme importance, a moral value overriding all others. That "the American way of life" is itself riddled with gross inequalities is beside the point here, for these inequalities greatly benefit all those who have the power to make or influence policies in "the national interest."

Once this basic premise is accepted, the conquest – which otherwise seems a pointless, reckless paroxysm of elitist greed – can be seen as a logical if difficult step undertaken in accordance with a carefully reasoned strategy. War, mass death, torture, repression and the monstrous lies surrounding the instigation of the conquest can thus be justified as "necessary evils" to secure a greater good.

To put it simply, America must have unfettered access to Persian Gulf oil in order to maintain the infrastructure of its economy – indeed of its entire society, which is based on the availability of cheap gasoline and other petroleum-based products. In the coming decades of oil scarcity, the vast reserves in the Middle East will be even more crucial. The Bush Administration estimates that Iraq's current reserves, when fully developed, could reach as high as 220 billion barrels; if the still unexplored territories of its western wasteland are counted, this figure could top 300 billion – far surpassing the reserves of Saudi Arabia, as Canadian journalist Paul William Roberts reports in his important book, A War Against Truth. What's more, Iraqi oil is remarkably easy to extract – hence remarkably profitable . . .

Military force is essential because the American economy is in an advanced state of decadence and cannot win its way to continued dominance by peaceful means. The American elite is now given over almost entirely to the manipulation of financial instruments to produce vast private profits, disconnected from the surrounding community. The actual production of actual goods is in steep decline, bringing with it a corresponding decay in the quality of American life below the elite level. Without cheap oil – and despite the panicky sticker-shock at the pump today, Americans still pay far less than most people for fuel – the whole fragile house of cards could fall. Thus dominance and survival have become intertwined; and both depend on mastery of the Middle East's resources . . .

And so the war came, with its lies, murder, ruin, and corruption. Yet how many of those now opposed to this horrific military action are prepared to pay the actual cost of ending it: i.e., relinquishing the guarantee of cheap oil and the lifestyle it sustains? The number is doubtless very small. The large remainder should perhaps be seen as the true "Bush base." For while they may oppose his tactical incompetence in this instance, they share, wittingly or unwittingly, his strategic goal. With this basic common cause between the elite and the majority, the wars for oil will go on – no matter who sits in the White House.
This is bottom-line stuff, folks. Everything else you might be worried about is diversion. We are past the point where certain paradigms apply. The money and the power in the world knows this; their only shared hope is that the truth leaks out slowly enough to delay a global popular revolution.

Here in the US, we need to worry considerable less about The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang than we do about Paul Wolfowitz, Warren Buffett, The IMF, The Federal Reserve Bank, and the ebb and flow of international finance. Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia's main piece on "international financiers":
Unknown by most American citizens, the Federal Reserve is NOT a US Federal government institution. In fact, it is a privately held corporation owned by its stockholders. The Federal Reserve has the sole authorization to print US currency which it then lends out at interest to member Federal Reserve Banks. By controlling key interest rates and the amount of curreny in circulation the Federal Reserve regulates the level of economic activity and the health of the American economy.

Moreover, until recently by law, the names of the owners of the Federal Reserve were kept secret due to a provision of the Federal Reserve Act, which stated that the identities of the Federal Reserve Bank Class A stockholders couldn’t be made public. It is now believed that original Federal Reserve Bank principle stockholders at the time of its founding were the ROTHSCHILD banks of London and Berlin; the LAZARD BROTHERS Banks of Paris; the ISRAEL MOSES SEIF Banks of Italy, the WARBURG Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam; the LEHMAN BROTHERS Bank of New York; the GOLDMAN, Sachs Banks of New York; the KUHN, Loeb Bank of New York; and the CHASE MANHATTAN Bank of New York. These are the principle interests, which own and operate the Federal Reserve System, which has expanded to approximately three hundred stockholders. All of these interests are very well known to each other through many banking business relationships, and in fact many are related through marriage and biological decent.

The federal reserve bank proposal of 1913, which called for a central bank operated by banking industry insiders and private investors was originally presented by Nelson Aldrich, the maternal grandfather of today’s Rockefeller brothers, and was known as the Aldrich Bill. This bill was narrowly failed to pass congress, but was soon reintroduced and was passed as the Federal Reserve Act, officially known as the Owens Glass Act.

The final legislation created 12 Federal Reserve Banks that would act as central banks for all national banks and other member state institutions. In practice, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is the US Federal Reserve central bank. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York controls the entire member bank system. The member banks are not federal government institutions. They are private institutions owned by the member banks and their stockholders. Currently, more than ninety of the 100 largest banks in the United States are located within the Federal Reserve District in New York.

A Federal Reserve Board was formed to oversee the system and establish policy. Chairman and other members of the Board are be appointed by the president, with consent by congress. This provides some measure of political influence over the policy actions of the governing board of the Federal Reserve. The appointed chairmen of the Federal Reserve regularly report in open session to a joint committee of the House and Senate.

Class A stockholders exercise control over the Federal Reserve System by owning stock of the largest member banks in the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Fewer than a dozen international banking institutions hold a controlling interest in the New York Federal Reserve Bank, and of these only four institutions are based within the United States. The bulk of the external controlling interests are European, with the most influential of these being the Rothschild family of London.

Each of the American interests is in some way connected to the Rothschild family. Included among these are the Rockefellers who are by far the most powerful American stockholders of Federal Reserve System member banks. The Rockefeller holdings in the Federal Reserve are primarily through the Chase Manhattan Bank, which in recent decades has taken in very significant funding from Saudi royal family investors.

Through their U.S. and European agents, the Rothschilds financed the Rockefeller Standard Oil dynasty, the Carnegie Steel empire, and the Harriman railroad system. The Rockefeller clan, which later became intermarried with the Carnegies, financed many of American's leading capitalists through Chase Manhattan and Citibank.

Many of these families intermarried with the Rockefellers so that by 1937 one could trace "an almost unbroken line of biological relationships from the Rockefeller through one-half of the wealthiest sixty families in the nation."

Owing much of their wealth to the Rockefeller, these families have become loyal allies of the "family". The Rockefellers, on the other hand, owing their enormous fortune to the Rothschild banking empire, have for the most part remained true and loyal to them and to their European interest.

As a direct result of this chain of banking and corporate ownership, much of America's corporate wealth is ultimately traceable to the old money of Europe and the ONE-WORLD INTERESTS of its members, who are New World Order advocates and exercise policy influence through institutions such as the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations over the governments of the word as well as through psyops campaigns exercised via their ownership of the corporate mass media in order to exercise influence over the populations of those nations.

These financial interests fund covert black operations exercised through unaccountable freelance military and civilian intelligence agency groups that are utilized for psyops operations involving terrorism and assassination both within the United States as well as worldwide. Many top researchers believe that the assassinaton of US President John F Kennedy, as well as in more recent years the 9/11/01 attacks in the US as well as the 7/7/2005 train bombing in London are examples of these ongoing covert black operations paid for by internationalist banking interests.

The intent of these operations is to move the populations politically in one or another direction, primarily to the political "right" and to impose a mindset of support for legislation such as the US Patriot Act I and II which has laid the foundation for martial law within the United States.

International financers exercise policy influence meant to weaken and destroy the US democratic system of government and estrange the civilian poulation from the US constitution which gave congress the sole authority to mint money and control the national currency.

In recent decades, much of the US transportation infrastructure, water resources, and natural reserves are being sold off to foreign investors as a result of the indebtedness of the US government due to the federal budget deficit which in turn is the result in large part of the decades of US balance of trade deficits caused by federal government economic policy under both Republican and Democratic Party administrations which favors the exporting of US jobs and industries awhich in turn has destroyed much of the middle class in America and reduced the political influence of the average American over the operation of his government.

In addition, a large fraction of the US Federal Budget deficit is caused by spending on the military and specifically by spending on the war in Iraq, sold to the US public as a “war on terror” led by the GW Bush administration following the “false-flag” 9/11 attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. It is undisputed that tens of billions of US taxpayer dollars spent on the Iraq war effort are entirely un-accounted for and the current Republican led congress refuses to impose any measure of oversight over the spending of these funds. On Septermer 10, 2001 the Defense Department announced that more than One Trillion Dollars of it's multi-year budget were missing and un-accounted for.

Those politicians who do oppose or question expenditures for the Iraq war or those who demand accountability are branded “supporters of terrorism against the citizens of the United States” and are hounded by an overwhelmingly right wing pro GW Bush administration corporate television and radio media industry.

Just as the corporate media itself is directly commandeered by GW Bush administration bullying and by intelligence agency plants within the media, all bases are covered.

The 9/11 attacks were a covert US military intelligence agency led psyops operation intended to make the US population amenable to the aims of the PNAC neocon agenda which is to impose long term US military influence over the middle east and elsewhere, as well as to make the US population amenable to the imposition of martial law as the US Constitution is alienated from US citizens.

As Iraqis die by the scores daily in an insurrection turned to civil war within Iraq, the United States continues to work on a series of huge military bases and “diplomatic campuses” unprecedented in size and facilities, which reveal the intent of the US to remain as a military force within the region no matter the fate of the Iraqi population and no matter its form of government in the future.

All of this is believed to be an aspect of the machinations of the cabal of international bankers who from their start as financiers of both sides of every European war through the past two plus centuries, are now acting on their intent to impose a new world order which they will control by first taking down the formerly free and democratic United States of America and by using its military might to impose control over the populations and the resources of the world.
This is not a reality that is pleasant to contemplate. Trying to think about it causes the healthy individual human system to produce a biochemical reaction that eventually causes heroin addiction (or at least an uncontrollable desire to watch a hundred hours of "Little House on the Prairie" and then go to bed).

A pessimist by nature, I am inclined to believe that the following process will begin to occur quickly, rather than slowly. The US government or its client state, Israel, will strike Iran, as much to introduce its willingness to use nuclear weapons as to disable Iran's nuclear ambitions. Two things will then happen: a nasty hot war involving several Middle East states and the global "terrorist" elements and a major false-flag "terrorist" event in the US, resulting in martial law and suspension of the Constitutional rights and freedoms of the ordinary citizen. The chances of this occuring before the '08 election are rather high.

The entire planet will then go to DEFCON 5. There may be a brief period of "diplomacy", during which some bargaining will occur among nuclear-capable states. Governments will calculate acceptable casualty rates in hundreds of thousands and ruling elites will concentrate their efforts in devising personal survival strategies and mechanisms, caring little about the fate of their citizens.

. . . to be continued . . .

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The Real War and The Great Diversion, Part 1

In order to make any sense of the world today - see the biggest picture, so to speak - we must expose and examine the fundamental reasons the neoconservative cadre felt it was critical to seize power in the US in 2000, then quickly proceed to generate the conditions of perpetual war.

Although these reasons are self-evident and rather easily discernable, it has been essential that our rulers put much effort into obfuscation, spinning, secrecy, and outright lying in order to delay truth's revelation to the people. They perhaps rightfully fear a mass-panic uprising on a global scale not previously witnessed on this planet - an uprising which might quickly unravel their frankly tenuous hold on the chains of power.

Indeed, some of the recent cries of "conspiracy", "coming financial collapse", "total environmental breakdown", and "apocalypse/end times" may be somewhat alarmist in terms of their scale and immediacy, but they should be considered and studied seriously - there is much substance to them. We should be afraid . . . very afraid. And we should be well-informed enough to motivate ourselves to organize effectively for the eventual arrival of economic, ecological, and societal catyclism on at least a regional scale. Lovejoy's predictions of "broken rabble led by brutal warlords" are ignored to our great peril.

Here are some very simple facts: (1) the oil won't last forever, but presently the entire US economy and society depends on the inexpensive and continuous availability of this substance that lies mainly under foreign territory; (2) at the same time, two other great powers, China and India, are growing exponentially, consuming greater amounts of the limited oil supply; (3) the burgeoning consumption of oil has damaged and will increasingly damaged the entire biosphere - the damn planet's dying here, Mathilda! In the face of this global emergency, things like "reforming the Democratic Party" are a ludricrous waste of time and energy. It's sort of like changing the grease in your fryer while the whole kitchen is on fire.

In the same way, trying to get the government of the United States to withdraw its military from Iraq and Afghanistan (yes, we're still there, too - and that one's getting hotter) is, over the longer run, pretty useless unless it is part of a larger movement to change the core of global geopolitics. Otherwise, the government will simply add redeployment to its bottomless bag of diversionary tricks. Mark my words: the military will be withdrawn . . . when the country is irreparably destroyed and the oil resources are totally owned by the globalist forces. Then Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and eventually Bolivia and Venezuela. The terrible fact is that the motto of the neo-con/globalist cartel is, "He who dies with the most oil wins".

There are several important posts around the "LeftNet" today. Let me clip some . . .

First, at Antiwar.com, Jim Lobe chimes in with "Hawks Looking for New and Bigger Enemies?":
As if rallying fading public support for keeping more than 100,000 U.S. troops in a disintegrating Iraq and preparing the ground for a possible military attack on Iran were not enough, some influential hawks are now promoting a more confrontational stance against Russia and China, as well.

Their eagerness to take on new and bigger enemies, signaled by Vice Pres. Dick Cheney's blistering verbal assault on Russia Thursday, could be a calculated effort to intimidate the two Eurasian giants at a moment when the US and the European Union (EU) appear to have forged greater unity on key foreign policy issues than at any time since Washington invaded Iraq three years ago.

Russia and China, which were initially treated as allies in the "global war on terror," are now seen as the two biggest obstacles to Washington's drive to impose U.N. Security sanctions against Iran, the administration's current top foreign policy priority. Hardliners may believe that putting them on the defensive at this moment could persuade them to show greater flexibility, at least with respect to Iran.

At the same time, however, a more aggressive stance toward the two powers risks driving them further together in opposition to US geo-strategic designs, particularly isolating Iran and asserting more control over the flow of oil and gas out of Central Asia and the Caucasus . . .
This piece is excellent, and I have inadequately excerpted it. Please read the whole thing. It ends with Lobe quoting Robert Kagan of PNAC and The Weekly Standard:

"Unfortunately, al-Qaeda may not be the only challenge liberalism faces today, or even the greatest."
Before you read on, please notice that Kagan's use of the term "liberalism" reveals in full glaring light that both neoconservatism and neoliberalism are both just different sides of the coin of liberalism, a fact not lost on the likes of Joe Biden, John Kerry, Dianne Feinstein, and the quislings lurking around the DLC and The Kennedy School of Government, not mention the folks across town at Lockheed/MIT. If you still for one moment think that the Democratic agenda is any different from the Republican's, listen briefly to Scott Ritter, former US Marine and UN weapons inspector, who calls the US invasion of Iraq and the occupation illegal and unconstitutional:
I'm not going to defend the Clinton administration. I fully believe that the Bush administration should be investigated for lying, and lying in the course of official duty constitutes a felony, and I believe that there are many members of the Bush administration who could be brought up on felony charges for misleading Congress, misleading the American people. But don't stop at the Bush administration! This goes back to the Clinton administration.

Sandy Berger is a liar every bit as much as Condoleezza Rice is. Madeleine Albright's a liar every bit as much as Donald Rumsfeld is. I mean, they've all lied about the same thing, which is that Iraq represented a threat, in the form of weapons of mass destruction, that warranted military action. ...

But, no, Clinton's just as bad as Bush. The only difference is, he just bombed them; Bush invaded. But let's never forget: Under Clinton, another form of warfare took place, and that is the economic sanctions that the United States would never allow to be lifted regardless of Iraq's compliance level with its disarmament obligations. And these sanctions have killed far more people than George W. Bush's war has.
The truth is that both party establishments want The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang gone because they've fucked everything up, not because they got us into a "bad war."

. . . to be continued . . .

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So . . . Effing . . . What?

It really doesn't take much these days, y'know? In a couple hours hundreds of seedy neighborhood microbreweries throughout the cuntry will be jest a teemin' with thousands a' giddy lefty types har-harin' 'bout the news a' the day. Goss is hist'ry jest ahead a' Hookergate. Neil Young's "Shock and Awe" (soon to be #1 with a bullet) will blast outta the jukies over and over and over and . . . well, you get the pitcher.

Meanwhile, yet another Kennedy DUI's his political career into a Jersey barrier (in Massachusetts we call'em "Kennedy Sanddunes"). Heh, he initially claimed he was on Ambien. Um, sorry, Patrick, but it's illegal to drive on that shit, too. The Capitol Police otta just take the whole families' keys and throw 'em in the Potomac - although one of them will probably drown tryin' to retrieve 'em from the bottom.

The DNC-DLC-MOUSE is frantic trying to revise their stratgy for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in '08. Don't worry Howard! Yuh got plenty a' time to fuck this one up, too. Try firing a few more gays and lefties and feminists and folks who still believe your bullshit.

Maybe all these retired generals will raise an army and save us all from Rummy. Yuh think?

Oh, yeah . . . BIG story: Gannon finally outs his sorry ass. Keeeerist!

The good folks at Stop Me . . . point to a piece by Paul Waldman at Tom Paine that I can only identify as "The Duh of the Day". A representative slice:
The reason for all this is the need to find a counter to what I call the Four Pillars of Conservatism. If you ask ordinary citizens what conservatives stand for, chances are they’ll give you some version of the Four Pillars: small government, low taxes, strong defense and traditional values. This forms the core of conservative identity, a simple, easily understood core of beliefs that gets repeated over and over. But if you ask people what liberals stand for, chances are they’ll give you the conservative caricature of liberals: big government, high taxes, weak defense, moral relativism.

This is no accident. Unlike liberals, conservatives have understood that articulating contrasts is essential to building a political identity. It isn’t just about who you are, it’s about who your opponents are as well. Each of the Four Pillars of Conservatism implies its opposite, the bad thing liberals are supposed to favor. So when progressives articulate their fundamental beliefs, they have to present a coin with two sides: the positive things they want people to believe about them, and the negative things they want people to believe about conservatives.

This is why I offer a variant of the “common good” idea, one that is likely to perform its political function more effectively. The answer to the question, “What do progressives believe at their core?” is this: Progressives believe we’re all in it together.

One might ask, isn’t this just a quibble over language? It is most definitely about language, but it’s anything but a quibble. First and most importantly, my formulation implies its opposite: while progressives believe we’re all in it together, conservatives believe we’re all on our own and we’re all out for ourselves.
Tom, lookee here. No matter how cleverly you market bullshit, it's still b u l l s h i t.

Need another nap (and some Seraquel). Later.
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Observation Post: 05042006

Today marks the 36th anniversery of the Kent State murders. Please pause at some point in the day to remember and honor Allison Krause, William Schroeder, Jeffrey Miller, and Sandra Scheuer. The Kent State May 4 Center is a good place to start for the truth. It occurs to me that any member of Congress deserving of his or her seat should submit a bill establishing a commemoration day. If you support this, please leave a comment and contact your Senator and/or Congressperson.

I am not anti-Semitic. But it's time to cut diplomatic ties and foreign aid and investment to Israel. Period. They neither need nor deserve our help. They have everything they need to defend themselves. Maybe be can help them out again only if and when they withdraw completely from all occupied territories, tear down the walls, ensure the fully interfaith nature of Jerusalem, and assist the Palestinians in building their own sovereign nation.

And speaking of foreign aid to terrorists, Needlenose waves a Reuters report that the US Government is funding rebel forces in Somalia. The blowback clock on this one starts ticking . . . right . . . about . . . NOW.

For the most part, I agree with Richard Cohen . . . Colbert wasn't funny. Doubleduh and his clone, actually, well, er, were.

I fully support getting our military the fuckoutta Iraq, like, yesterday. But are we ready for them back home? Have a brief conversation with a homeless, mentally ill Nam vet before you say yes. And/or read Bob Herbert's "When Warriors Come Home". Clip:
A report published in March in The Journal of the American Medical Association found that more than a third of the troops who served in Iraq sought help for mental health problems within a year of returning home. That high percentage is deceptive, however. The report said it is likely that "there are still considerable barriers to care." It referred to a prior study that showed that more than 60 percent of the Iraq veterans who screened positively for generalized anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder had not sought treatment.

War brutalizes bodies and it brutalizes minds, but our culture is programmed to keep the savagery below the level of our national consciousness as much as possible. Most of the suffering is done in silence.
Wanna drive gas prices down? How about a national "no drive" day? Know what? We ain't got the balls. Screw it.

In the '04 election cycle, I publicly supported Kucinich, Dean, and Kerry, in that order. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. I will not, under any circumstances, endorse any Democrat or Republican again. Ever. Cindy Sheehan has endorsed Todd Chretien's campaign to unseat Dianne Feinstein. Go see for yourself.

I'm really pissed off at Google Adsense. If this is what they consider "content-related ads", they've blown it. I'm thinking of dropping them. Anybody give a shit?

Gotta go. Need a nap.

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Happy Birthday, Pete!!

Today is Pete Seeger's birthday. He's 87. He will never die.

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Biden, Bolivia, and the Blackout

Offering unneeded proof that all a US Senator does is run for office, Joe Biden offers tri-partition as a solution for Iraq. I propose an equally effective option: Joe Biden leads a movement to have Delaware secede from the Union and shop the DuPont State around to the lowest bidder. That will surely solve the traffic problem on the I-95 bridge into Maryland and make about a thousand sleazy corporations legal off-shore entities.

We're pretty short on good news here in Bushland, but another American President of a real democracy is showing us the way. Evo Morales of Bolivia has seized the Petrobras oil and gas fields and is also threatening to throw Exxon out of the country. This from eitb:
Bolivian President Evo Morales on Monday announced the nationalisation of Bolivia's natural gas and oil industry, ordering foreign energy companies to send their production to a state company for sale.

"This is the solution to the social and economic problems of our country. Once we have recovered these natural resources, this will generate work. It is the end of the looting of our natural resources by multi-national oil companies," he said.

Morales warned that companies that rejected the decree would have to leave Bolivia within six months.

The main oil companies operating in Bolivia are Brazil's Petrobras, the Spanish-Argentine company Repsol YPF, British companies British Gas and British Petroleum and Total of France.

Morales also said the state would recover Bolivian hydrocarbons companies that were privatised in the 1990s, with the state taking over shares from foreign companies and of semi-public Bolivian entities.

He said the companies must turn their production over to the state's Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos.

The president made the nationalisation announcement at the San Alberto gas and oil field in the south of the country, which is operated by Petrobras in association with Repsol.

After Morales, a soldier unfurled a Bolivian flag from the top of the installation and the national anthem was sung by the assembled crowd.

Meanwhile, in the Bolivian capital, La Paz, a large crowd gathered for a May Day protest, voicing support for Morales and the nationalisation of the natural gas and oil industry.
Evo has apparently made some folks nervous. I, for one, volunteer to head up a "Draft Evo" movement for '08.

In contrast, back home, "the media" is treating Stephen Colbert's skit at the Correspondents' Dinner as if it didn't happen.

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As Sick as Our Secrets

I've had quite a bit of experience in the Twelve-Step "recovery" movement. For those of you who don't know much or anything about it - and I caution you that most folks get it wrong - let me say first that The Twelve Traditions provide an organizational design that is unparalleld for effectiveness.

One of my favorite "mottos" - and there are a bunch of them - is, "We are only as sick as our secrets." This saying reminds addicts and drunks like me that honesty and openness are critical to sobriety and recovery from an illness whose main characteristic is denial. If I don't let others know who and what I am, they can't find me and help me out of the shit I tend to get myself into.

Alcoholism and addiction are progressive, fatal illnesses. I, for one, am fortunate to be alive. And I stay alive these days only to the degree that I'm able to be pretty honest and open with others about what I'm thinking and doing. Those of you who read me regularly know that I sometimes even reveal my "darker side" here occasionally, with obvious risks.

Few of you can deny that we have become a very sick nation. We have progressed to the later stages of a complex and self-destructive malaise that fortells a tragic and painful death. Sooner, rather than later, too.

This sickness has many facets - far too many to list and examine here. But at the very core of the malignancy is the burdgeoning industry of secrecy which protects the government from yielding to the light of truth. Democracy cannot function in secrecy. Democracy suffocates as the garrotte of "top secret", "classified", and "confidential" tightens around our throats.

I, for one, am convinced that the events of 9-11 and its terrible aftermath are to be found in fine detail in the notes of the Cheney energy plan meetings early in The Doubleduh-Cheney Gang's rule. We probably will never know for sure.

One thing is certain, however. Secrecy can no longer be credibly invoked in the cause of "national security." We have never in our history been more vulnerable to the forces of our dissolution and demise. Unfortunately, with our government now so distant and hidden from and irresponsible to the people, secrecy is still the primary tool of "government security", ensuring that the criminal ruling class can continue to lie, steal, and murder to its evil heart's delight.

As I said recently, I don't trust anything this government does or says. So I'm dismayed, rather than heartened, to direct you to "The CIA exposed on Web: Agency offers a peek at intelligence errors" in yesterday's SF Chronicle. I won't excerpt it here - do the work y'own damn s'ef. All I can say is, "what the fuck are they up to now"?

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